A biosensor is a device that uses a biological mediator to detect the presence of biochemical compounds exploiting appropriate transduction mechanisms that transform the signal resulting from the interaction of bio-molecules in a quantifiable physical signal (optical, electrical, magnetic, acoustic, etc.). Biosensors are a paradigmatic model of a technological synthesis from various fields of knowledge such as biology, engineering, physics, chemistry, medicine and so on; they have the potential to allow cost-effective, fast and portable detection, which make possible on-line and real-time monitoring without extensive sample preparation providing precision, high sensitivity, reversibility and selectivity. The areas of application are very large including, for example, homeland Security, environmental pollution control, detection of contaminants in food, health and wellness. For this reasons, it is not easy to find soft skills in a unique research center capable of designing and building such devices.

The research team of Tech4bio is conceived to meet these needs, combining a strong knowledge in the synthesis and characterization of new materials for biology, with the implementation of micro/nano-fabrication techniques suitable to manufacture innovative biomedical devices and to provide tools to read and manage the collected data.