Other facilities

  • Chemical instrumentation, which includes a spin -coater, ultrasonic cleaners and other standard equipment;
  • Fume hood with EPA and activated carbon filters;Laminar flow hood for the manipulation of objects and samples in a controlled environment (equivalent to a class 100).
  • Facility for the treatment and the purification of biosystems
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Access to synchrotron radiation facilities through the beamlines managed by the ISM @ ELECTRA or through personal collaboration @ ESRF
  • Numerical 2D and 3D simulators for electronic devices
  • Electro-Magnetic field (EMF) exposure facility set-up in a μ-metal shielded room
  • Rotary 3D Cell Culture dynamic System (RCCS) for culturing suspension cells in a low-shear stress and in a microgravity-like environment