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To address modern challenges of Biophysics, it is fundamental to apply a strongly interdisciplinary approach, given that this field of research has a significant overlap with many areas of modern life sciences, from biochemistry and system biology to bioengineering nanotechnology.

The inter-Institutes initiative Tech4Bio, collecting many researchers of CNR in Rome, is just to promote this intersection between disciplines, and provide a valuable opportunity to exchange information and expertise, create connections and collaborations among members of the broad community of researchers working in these areas not only in Rome and Lazio but throughout the Country.

Mappa Micro and Nano Characterization Smart_Material Point _of _Care Tissue_Engineering Bio_sensors LabOnChip_

The group deals with biosensors and biochemistry, microscopy and spectroscopy, development of advanced microfluidic devices and lab-on-chips for Bioanalytics and Diagnostics, characterization at the micro and nano-scale, design and study of novel smart biomaterials.

Recently, it has initiated a series of annual meetings dedicated to Biophysics and related technologies.