SMART MATERIALS (Biomaterials for Regenerative Nanomedicine)

The purpose of the research is realisation of new smart nano biomaterials, able to host cells, growth factors, drugs and active principles to stimulate tissue regeneration. Last generation biomaterials are able to trigger particular signalling mechanisms, aimed to activate genes responsible for various tissues genesis, stimulating the growth and reproducing the composition and/or tissue architecture.

A wide range of biomaterials is available for various biomedical applications, from metals and alloys, powders, granules, ceramics, smart scaffolds, injectable cements, composites, polymers, hybrid composites, and bioactive glass-ceramic systems. Biomaterials are available in the bulk form and as nanostructured coatings.

The proposed biomaterials can be used both for biomedical implant applications and for modern diagnostic surgical instruments in orthopaedics, dentistry, cardiosurgery and general surgery. Among the wide variety of materials, are those bioactive and biogenic for applications in the field of tissue engineering. Some of them are on the advanced research stage, ready for commercialisation.