Tech4Bio for Industry

The economic upturn of our country is closely linked to an increase in competitiveness of the business system, but there is no chance to compete without a process of promotion and development that steps through the scientific and technological innovation of products and processes. Yet, the ability to return to the territory of the investment made in research, despite the efforts made, it is still very limited, and the interaction between companies and places traditionally dedicated to frontier research finds it hard to take off. The initiative Tech4Bio stems from several institutes of the National Research Council in Rome to build a bridge between these two realities, and make available to the scientific community of businesses and technologies instrumentation and advanced skills in the field of nano and bio technologies.

The incredible evolution of this sector in the near future will lead to a drastic change of methodologies and analytical tools. There will not only be a change of the dimensional scale of probes and objects of observation, but the mode itself with which we will make environmental and clinical monitoring, energy storage and tissue engineering, bio-marking and targeted drug delivery and release. In the laboratories participating in Tech4Bio we study innovative micro-spectroscopes for "virtual in vivo histology", miniaturized fluidic platforms for the reconstruction of tissues and organs on a chip, functionalized metal nanoparticles for imaging and local therapy with reduced toxicity, acoustic, optical and electrical biosensors, smart biomaterials of new generation for healthcare, polymeric low-cost devices for personalized diagnostics and medicine. A valuable and wide range of knowledge and technologies “for bio”, serving a territory, like Lazio, still suffering from the industrial point of view. An opportunity for those who want to develop innovative solutions in a rapidly expanding field bound to have a huge social and economic impact.